Customatic Takes Vegas Market by Storm with Several New Product Introductions

At the Summer Las Vegas Market, Customatic Adjustable Bedz will have an ambitious line up of innovative new products with a focus on solution-based adjustables. The company’s HIDEAWAY, INDEPENDENCE and SwingFlex bases all solve a problem, from providing additional storage to aiding sleepers getting in and out of bed or reducing cost and shipping hassles. All three bases boast the high quality and cutting edge engineering that Customatic customers have come to trust.


Customatic’s new HIDEAWAY adjustable design is the first to incorporate a mattress, upper body lift adjustability and a hidden storage compartment, all in one unit. The full sleep system affords ample storage space – equal to that of two dresser drawers – under the leg section of the base.

“HIDEAWAY is a significant advancement for millennials, many of whom live in smaller apartments. They want the exciting features and lifestyle enhancement of adjustables, but they need under-the-bed storage that has not been possible before we found a solution,” said Phil Sherman, managing member at Customatic.

The HIDEAWAY mattress uses memory foam to provide a contouring and comfortable sleep experience, while the ability to adjust the head of the base offers a variety of elevating positions for reading, lounging or sleeping. With a dual hydraulic suspension system mounted on either side of the frame, the hidden storage compartment can be accessed effortlessly by lifting the frame at the foot of the bed, with a smooth and silent gliding action.

“By offering new opportunities for our retail partners, we are striving to provide them with greater success in the Adjustable Bed category, which is an area that Customatic is known for,” Sherman continued. “The HIDEWAY offers another sleep solution that incorporates a storage feature, further expanding our variety of products which introduce new ideas that target specific needs for many consumers.”


With its sights set squarely on aging baby boomers, Customatic will unveil its INDEPENDENCE adjustable base, a foundation designed to ease the struggle of getting in and out of bed. Customatic’s renewed interest in baby boomers has clear benefits for retailers, as adjustable bases have become increasingly popular amongst this demographic.

Customatic Independence Adjustable Base“The INDEPENDENCE model demonstrates the ability to convey forward thinking with true technology advancement,” stated Sherman. “Its design concept was conceived from two very basic needs. First, create an adjustable base that baby boomers would be proud to own. The second was drawn from personal experience. I wanted to develop a base that my 86-year-old mom would find value in, that would help improve her quality of life and make independent living easier for her.”
The INDEPENDENCE combines the common adjustable bed lift-positioning options with a new “swing and lift” feature that allows the entire mattress to rotate 90 degrees and adjust to a fully seated position, then gently lift the consumer forward to help them out of bed and gain stability, balance and support. With a modern style and design, the unique base was created to give baby boomers back that feeling of “independence” by offering the ability to get in and out of bed on their own while getting the extra assistance they need via a hand-held remote

“The innovative features of the INDEPENDENCE illustrate the unique way Customatic addresses a challenge and the steps it takes to clearly communicate solutions,” explained Phil McCarty, managing member at Customatic. “We are giving baby boomers a quick and easy way get in and out of bed freely without having to rely on another person.”

The SwingFlex

Customatic’s new SwingFlex king adjustable base offers a remarkable advantage in its one-piece swing-out king design. This unique innovation makes in-home set up and delivery quicker and much easier than other standard king base. By removing the need for two separate boxes and frame assembly, the SwingFlex king reduces inventory and delivery challenges for retailers.

“The challenge has always been that in order to provide adjustability for people with a king-size mattress, they were required to purchase two twin XL bases,” McCarty noted. “Needless to say, this doubling of cost has always been a major negative for shoppers on the hunt for a king foundation. The SwingFlex king solves the problem and offers a great alternative.”

Affordably priced to retail at $599-$699, the SwingFlex king adjustable base features independent head and leg lift adjustment options, and offers a well-designed solution to the hassle of competitors’ models having two sections, in two separate boxes, with the need to assemble once the pieces are unpacked.

“The SwingFlex king design is a model that has been carefully engineered,” stated Sherman. “We wanted to make sure all of the challenges were anwered to ensure a certified and thoroughly tested design that retailers could offer with confidence. In fact, we also offer a queen version, too, to eliminate the need for a split base at twice the cost in homes where a standard queen base just couldn't fit.”