Customatic Set To Show An Array Of New Products In Vegas

Customatic Technologies, a producer of adjustable bed bases and specialty sleep products, is launching a host of new products this market. Among the newly launched items are several new adjustable bases that make cutting-edge sleep technology more attractive and affordable, a climate control system that circulates cool air during sleep and finally, a sleep monitor that can detect snoring.

Dream Haven And Ultra Light Adjustable Bases

The new Dream Haven and Ultra Lite adjustable bases will be unveiled in the Customatic Technologies showroom during market.

An all-in-one bedroom furniture solution Dream Haven marries fashion and function. Complete with a matching upholstered headboard, designer wood legs and a wireless remote, the deck-on-deck adjustable base also offers  standard and optional premium features. These features include head and foot adjustability, seat extension, massage, underbed lighting and USB charging, and has a 750-pound weight capacity.

Weighing under 90 pounds on the queen-size version with full functioning head and foot adjustability, Ultra-Lite debuts as the lightest adjustable base in the U.S. Featuring three-in-one adjustable legs to allow for three height options, wireless remote and premium lift capacity of 650 pounds, this adjustable base is Ideal for cash and carry or e-commerce and retails for $399 queen size.

“Our newest tariff-free models make it easy and affordable for consumers to enjoy the benefits of healthier sleep delivered by an adjustable bed base without sacrificing fashion or quality,” said Phil Sherman, president of Customatic Technologies. “They’re complete bedroom sets with the latest in sleep technology at aggressive price points.”

Climate Cloud Air Filtering System

Climate Cloud is an advanced air filtering system that draws in the surrounding air and flows it over the sleeper’s body to create a cocoon-like, fresh climate-controlled environment while also maintaining the optimal sleeping temperature of 62 to 67 degrees.

“By circulating air around the sleeper, we can control moisture and humidity, reduce night sweats and create an environment for a healthier, more restorative night’s sleep,” said Phil Sherman, president of Customatic Technologies. “This exclusive product allows you to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of sleep wellness.”

Climate Cloud is an enhanced climate solution for the bedroom that can be used with any mattress, and is ideal with Customatic’s PerfecTemp mattress, a two-zone system that enables remote control temperate regulation at the core and foot sections of each side of the mattress.

SnoreTech Sleep Monitor

Customatic heralds SnoreTech as revolutionary because the sleep monitor collects the sleeper’s biometric data and uses it to trigger automatic adjustments to the bed to stop snoring. The company says other sleep monitors are passive data collectors, while SnoreTech uses data to solve a problem.

SnoreTech relies on a series of biometric readings of the sleeper’s heart rate, breathing rate and amount of movement to automatically adjust the angle of the head in two-degree increments until the snoring is no longer detected. A three-second pulsating massage may also be triggered if the snoring continues.

“Sleep monitors have become commonplace in recent years, but most of them only provide data about snoring and don’t offer a solution to the problem,” said Phil Sherman, president of Customatic Technologies. “We believe this is the only snore detection system on the market that automatically adjusts the bed base without disturbing the snorer’s partner.”

He said the sleep monitor’s proprietary software package detects snoring with more than 85% accuracy and works exclusively in conjunction with a Customatic adjustable bed base.


About Customatic: Customatic Technologies is the foremost pioneer of the sleep products industry and is best known for its expertise and cutting-edge innovations in adjustable bed bases and specialty sleep products. Founded in 2010 by industry veterans Phil McCarty and Phil Sherman, today the company distributes products internationally through strong partnerships with top-name mattress manufacturers, leading distributors and major specialty sleep retailers. Customatic Technologies is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, and operates in more than 750,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.