Customatic Adjustable Bedz Spotlights Customization

Customatic PriviaCustomatic Adjustable Bedz will open its first showroom at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market, showcasing its unique, new “Build-a-Base” concept. The 3,000-square- foot showroom will allow the company to display its full line-up of innovative products featuring the latest and most popular adjustable bed base features.

Upon entering the showroom, buyers will get behind-the-scenes look at Customatic’s manufacturing process. Multiple television monitors—each airing footage of the company’s Taiwan assembly line, quality control, research and development, cut and sew area, packaging and load systems, etc.—will be set up in the entry area of the showroom, providing its customers true insight on who the company is and what goes into the creation and manufacturing of its products. Customatic will also feature exclusive “Build-a-Base” workstations in the space, enabling dealers to design customized products using the company’s vast array of components.

“One of the differentiators for us in the market is the wide assortment of choice we can give a dealer,” said Partner Phil Sherman. “There is no reason they need to carry the same adjustable base as their competitor across the street. As the adjustable bed category continues to grow, we want to give buyers the opportunity to set themselves apart from competition by offering bases that will best cater to their individual customers.”

Each “Build-a-Base” station allows buyers to see and touch components and input the desired features into a final product selection with pricing. To play an active role in creating new product, dealers would first select a frame design that includes options such as head-tilt, deck- on-deck, inner deck, sectional and dual massage. They will then choose preferred style accents including leg support, lumbar, fabrics and colors. Lastly, buyers will select any advanced innovations they want to their custom-made products, which includes but is not limited to USB outlets, LED lighting, wireless or Bluetooth speakers and remote. Whether it is promotional or premium, the customized product assembly is designed to provide personal success and margin increase for buyers.

“We have always been a leader in the adjustable bed base category and have often been the first to introduce innovative technologies and designs to the industry,” Sherman continued. “As our product portfolio continues to grow, we recognized it was time to take our own showroom to accommodate our complete spectrum of unique models. From features to function to fabric to price point, we cover it all.”