Customatic Adjustable Bedz Introduces Fashion-Forward, Easy-Ship Adjustable Foundation

Looking to provide retailers with an easy-ship, adjustable foundation, Customatic Adjustable Bedz will introduce the Stratocaster Adjustable Base at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The new base offers a deck-on-deck design and a collection of today’s top-selling features, all at an affordable price.

“By offering our retail partners a premium UPS-able foundation, we’re helping to elevate their direct-to-consumer niche from the swarm of entry level products currently saturating the market, to a product consumers will be proud to own,” said Phil Sherman, managing member at Customatic.

To meet the UPS shipping criteria, the base is split into two pieces horizontally across the frame to fit box size and weight requirements. Upon delivery, the two sides easily connect together.

Priced to retail at $999 in queen, the Stratocaster incorporates elements beyond the basic head and foot lift, including massage, USB outlets, under-bed LED safety lights and a wireless remote with a built-in flashlight. The base also has improved functionality, smart device support and remote pairing.

“The Stratocaster is definitely a compelling base that complements the e-commerce channel, where bed-in-a-box continues to make waves,” added Sherman. “The breadth of functionality, teamed with its ease of shipping, make it a winning foundation for any retailer looking for a function-packed adjustable base that is easy to ship and helps maximize sales opportunity.”