Cover Story: The PureCare Wellness Package

First launched in 2001 under the name “Fabrictech”, PureCare began as a fabric protection manufacturer under the leadership of long-time industry veteran Sam Chase.

In 2003, Fabrictech developed Health and Wellness mattress and pillow protectors to help allergy sufferers from the damaging effects of allergens, dust mites, dander, mold and mildew that can collect in a mattress.

Initially, the Fabrictech’s products were sold exclusively through physicians and companies singularly focused on allergy sufferers. But in 2005, the company broke out from exclusively catering to the physician industry and began offering its compelling products to a broader market through mattress and furniture retailers.

Fabrictech thrived worldwide by offering superior health-conscious top-of-bed products at approachable price points. After 12 years of steady growth, the company made the bold decision to begin a two-year transition from exclusively manufacturing protection products to offering a full program of bedding accessories that promote health and wellness. In January of 2014, the transition was complete and Fabrictech became “PureCare”.

But the official rebrand was just the beginning.

As the company continues to grow, PureCare is committed to providing new solutions to the question: “How do we help the retailer have a conversation about wellness?” With this as the driving force behind its new product development, PureCare has positioned itself on the cutting edge of innovation. In the past year, the company has introduced ground-breaking pillow and protector collections that have resonated with consumers and throughout the industry.

Every new PureCare introduction is the result of years of comprehensive research and development. Under the direction of President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Bergman, the company is always on the look-out for new materials, components and bedding trends—working directly with their manufacturing facilities to discover the best possible ways to utilize them. The conversation then turns to Sean Bergman, Chief Marketing Officer, who decides if and where these new ideas could fit within the PureCare brand portfolio, asking “how does this product help create a healthy sleep environment?” From there, Bergman teams up with Sarah Budensiek, Director of Marketing to discover news ways for the product to be marketed and with retailers to determine how it will be sold. This collaborative process results in unique products and out-of-the-box marketing that helps retailers truly stand out and increase their sales.

This research and development process has proven successful. Just as the company did for the pillow segment last year with the One Collection, PureCare is once again poised to revolutionize the way consumers think about top-of-bed with “Elements” sheets.

With this new collection, “three” appears to be the lucky number. The culmination of three years worth of research and development, “Elements” is made up of three distinct offerings, each of which has three unique aspects—feel, fit, and finish—that work together to provide an engaging story for a wide range of consumers.

Each sheet style boasts an attention-grabbing name, an innovative material, and a specific wellness benefit—a combination that is sure to stand out on the retail floor.

For most premium sheet sets, there are two major selling points: superior “feel” and “fit”. The “feel” refers to how the hand of the sheet feels to the touch, while the “fit” refers to the way it lays on the mattress. PureCare took great lengths to ensure that “Elements” offers the advanced feel and fit that consumers expect from premium bedding. The collection’s “Precision Fit”, a feature unique to PureCare, keeps the lines of the sheets crisp and clean by infusing a deep pocket with a one-inch elastic band into the corners to prevent the sheets from sliding off of the mattress.

PureCare enhanced these premium features and then took them a step further by adding a truly unique wellness story in the “finish” of the sheets. This is the core detail of “Elements” that differentiates it from all other sheet options: it not only looks and feels good, but also helps the body recharge. The “finish” refers to the innovative technical textiles that are incorporated into the collection, each offering a specific wellness benefits. For PureCare, the “finish” is about more than just featuring the latest trendy material—it’s about finding the most effective way to integrate these textiles in order to really maximize their benefits. As with all PureCare products, Elements is treated with silver for added antibacterial properties.

The first offering in this luxury collection is “Halio”. Meaning “of the sea”, the name is directly tied with this sheet’s featured material: SeaCell. A unique fiber made from high-quality seaweed and natural cellulose, SeaCell has distinct antioxidizing properties. Further boosting the wellness effects, PureCare infused long strands of the fiber within luxury staple cotton for the ultimate rejuvenating properties, creating restorative comfort while also reducing inflammation and revitalizing the skin. The next offering is “Lumen”—a sheet set that incorporates Celliant performance fibers for advanced renewal benefits. This revolutionary material harnesses and releases the body’s energy to increase circulation and balance body temperature, allowing you to “reduce pain, heal faster, sleep better.” The final option in the “Elements” collection is “Terrene” sheet, which infuses bamboo rayon with luxury staple cotton. This combination provides a natural antimicrobial sleep surface, rich in comfort.

One thing that PureCare is not promoting with “Elements”? Thread count. This is yet another way the company is changing the existing conversation about sheets. Research showed that thread count is often unclear when communicating comfort to the consumer—a subjective number, entirely dependent on the types of materials utilized. So PureCare decided to stay away from the concept entirely.

“Thread counts are very misunderstood,” Sean Bergman explains. “It’s the combination of so many different facts that create a really luxurious product. We’re making luxury sheets and we want them to speak for themselves.”

Instead, the company has invested in marketing that clearly and effectively communicates to the retailer. PureCare’s commitment to “changing the conversation” extends to its branding and POP.

“We create packaging as intelligent as the product,” explains Budensiek.

The dynamic in-store marketing for “Elements” breaks up the sea of white in the showroom by “playing off the feel of the elements to enhance the beautiful, natural side of this collection,” she explains. The unique packaging and displays were designed to reinvent the retail environment, drawing the consumer in and driving them to really interact with the products. The goal for the POP was to simplify the sales process by engaging the customer through retailer-friendly packaging that is both eye-catching and easy to understand.

Each set comes in round, tubular packaging—a unique shape unlike any other sheet collection on the market. Beautiful, colorful graphics immediately draw the customers in, before presenting them with easy-to-read information (size, style, color) on the box. Each set includes a fabric swatch right in the bottom of the packaging, allowing the consumer to directly interact with the sheets in-store. PureCare further enhances this experience by incorporating a piece of foam beneath the swatch to mimic the way the product will feel on a bed.

PureCare has further enhanced this striking packaging with a diamond shape case that offers 360-degree views of the product. This structural type of display not only creates a dramatic statement, but also allows the consumers to see all of the packaging details—the shape, the graphics, the fabric swatch—instantly.

“We continue to understand how important it is to make an impact on the retail environment,” Bergman explains. “Instead of the customers coming into a sleep shop and thinking, “Well I can get sheets anywhere”—the goal was to really draw them in with a unique story.”

The “Elements” collection gives the retailers something brand new that really stands out—engaging the consumers in a conversation about wellness that leads them to the rest of PureCare’s full portfolio. This is effective because of the company’s comprehensive approach to product development.

With every new introduction, PureCare looks at how it fits into a larger program: none of the products exist within a vacuum. Individually, each offering fills a specific consumer need—but they also work together to create a comprehensive “health and wellness” story.

“PureCare creates a totally healthy sleep environment,” he continues,” offering many different touch points that help retailers add value, sell more and really make an impact.”

Multiple touch points for consumers mean more possibilities for retailers. By creating new collections that fit within a clear overarching brand program, PureCare simplifies the retail process and boosts sales.

In doing so, PureCare has successfully made bedding accessories bigger than just an “add-on” purchase. The company offers a complete product line: from pillows to protectors to now sheets. Together, they create a “PureCare Wellness Package” that retailers can easily communicate to their customers.

The “wellness” goal goes beyond natural or performance-based products. “We’ve found that for most consumers, the ‘natural’ story compliments their purchase, but does not drive it,” Bergman explains. Instead, PureCare makes a point to be as environmentally responsible as possible, incorporating natural elements into its products to offer the consumer real tangible health benefits. “’Performance’ is a want,” he continues. “‘Wellness’ is a need.”

In today’s busy world, customers are increasingly seeking out products that offer distinct health benefits. As the company continues to expand, PureCare is pivoting from an industry-facing manufacturer to become a consumer-recognized bedding brand. “We have a concept of wellness on our hands that’s going global,” says Bergman. “It’s time for us as a brand to start conversations with the consumer.”

It’s still only the beginning for PureCare. Following its official rebranding—the company is yet again embarking on another 5-year plan, which is focused on rapid growth. In the past few months, there have been new hires across multiple departments from sales and marketing to product design and business development to help achieve this goal.

“Our main focus is to benefit more bedrooms with life enhancing wellness products,” Bergman explains. “We want to be the ones setting the trends, taking chances and pushing the limits.”