CleanBrands Introduces CleanRest Signature Collection

CleanRest Signature PillowCleanBrands is introducing CleanRest Signature, a suite of high-end products specifically designed for mattress and furniture specialty stores, at Las Vegas Markets. The new CleanRest Signature collection includes thermo-regulating waterproof protectors in a variety of quality levels as well as a collection of pillows.

The newest addition to the company’s high performance fabrics, the entire collection will feature the updated Blue MicronOne shield technology, which has defined the new standard of clean in sleep protection products available today. The new MicronOne shield means maximum thermo regulation, protection against micro-toxins, and comes with a 10-year guarantee backed by an exclusive agreement with world class 4Warranty. The new pillows, available in Jumbo and King sizes, will come in several different constructions and fills including dye-cut, eco-friendly foam interiors and thermo-regulating and allergen-blocking fabrics.

Filtering down to one single micron, CleanBrands fabrics eliminate the transference of dust mite waste, mold spore and pet dander from building up in the pillows and protectors, dispersing them from the mattress, pillow or box spring to make for a cleaner, more comfortable sleep environment.

“We are very excited to introduce our new exclusive line that features MicronOne technology and incorporates two decades of expertise in offering the best possible pillows and protection that ensure a good night’s sleep and peace of mind for our customers,” said Gary Goldberg, founder and CEO of CleanBrands. “We look forward to being able to offer our exclusive line to the nation’s best specialty retailers.”

MicronOne patented fabric technology was born from Goldberg’s desire to protect his son from the natural micro-toxins, like dust mite waste or mold spore, that build up over time in any pillow, mattress or box spring. The result of several years of research and development, MicronOne is made through a process which creates a uniform pore structure used in the company’s entire portfolio of allergen and micro-toxin barrier fabrics. MicronOne technology fabrics can filter airborne particles down to one micron, essentially matching the protective performance of vinyl without sacrificing any of the comfort and moisture vapor breathability that is essential for a good night’s sleep.

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About CleanBrands LLC: Founded in 2006, CleanBrands LLC is a Rhode Island-based company that designs and manufactures innovative and advanced products, devoted to improving the health and comfort of the sleep environment. Leveraging a patented fabric technology called MicronOne, the company's CleanRest, Healthy ZZZ's and BeneSleep brands of bedding products provide an effective and comfortable barrier against the millions of toxins, allergens and bed bugs that can naturally accumulate inside mattresses and pillows. Designed by a third-generation textiles innovator, backed by science, and recommended by physicians, MicronOne products work.