Classic Brands Showcases New Adjustable Base And Bedroom Furniture

Overcoming one of the most significant barriers to selling adjustable bed bases, Classic Brands has developed an adjustable base suitable for side sleepers—who represent about 80 percent of the U.S. population. The new base features a patent-pending setting that slightly raises the head and foot simultaneously, which relieves pressure on the lower back, hips and shoulders for side sleepers.

“This breakthrough technology is the answer to one of the biggest objections heard by retail sales associates,” said Mark Owen, executive vice president of sales and business development at Classic Brands. “Most consumers don’t sleep on their back, so they don’t believe an adjustable base would improve their sleep quality. But this setting we have developed for side sleepers is very demonstrable and will improve the attachment rate when a consumer buys a mattress.”

The side-sleeper position is one of several pre-programmed settings included in the new adjustable base, which retails for $999 in queen and also includes features such as massage, USB ports and multi-colored underbed lighting. The user can program up to three additional settings of their choosing.

The new side-sleeper setting was designed to improve sleep by creating a zero gravity position for side sleepers, alleviating common pressure points on the hips, shoulders and lower back. “The health benefits from sleeping in this position, including better circulation and less tossing and turning, are long-lasting,” said Owen. “Once a consumer begins using an adjustable bed base, they will never want to go back to a traditional flat bed.”

The new adjustable base is part of a six-model lineup that received overwhelmingly positive reception from dealers at the recent Las Vegas Market. Retail price points range from $399 for a model with an adjustable head, to $1,999 for one with an adjustable head and foot, multiple pre-programmed settings and an array of other features that can be voice-activated through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. All of the bases can be shipped via FedEx and UPS and will be stocked in the company’s two U.S. warehouses, which have been recently fitted with innovative “first scan” technology that instantly generates a tracking number and sends it to the consumer.

In addition to the new adjustable base, Classic Brands is also showcasing a new lineup of more than 100 flat-packed upholstery, occasional and bedroom furniture pieces at the fall market. Leveraging the decades of experience that made it a leader in boxed bedding, Classic Brands is eager to bring its proficiency in logistics, sourcing, packaging and product design to the furniture space. Suitable for both the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail channels, the collection targets young couples and millennials who are comfortable making big-ticket purchases online.

“This is a terrific opportunity for us take the knowledge we’ve honed over the years with our boxed bedding products and apply it to furniture,” said Scott Burger, chief executive officer of Classic Brands. “We believe our success with boxed bedding, where we pioneered the concept and created an entirely new delivery system for mattress, will translate to furniture. We’re targeting many of the same demographic groups and retail channels.”