CKI Solutions’ BedMadeEZ Tool Eases Bed Making

After the purchase of a new mattress, many consumers find the weight of the mattress makes it challenging to effectively make the bed. In fact, the process can cause back and shoulder strain. Lifting a mattress to apply or remove linens can even cause musculoskeletal injuries over time. These injuries run rampant with housekeepers in hotels, so much so that California OSHA adopted new workplace safety regulations to protect their housekeepers from injury by requiring a bed making tool.

CKI Solutions made bed making much simpler by inventing a unique accessory: the Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker, which eliminates the strain and pain caused by bed making. It can also be used to tuck in sheets and with 2 tools, applying or removing a bed skirt is easy.

The inventor and owner of CKI Solutions, Sam Montross, said “why should hotel staff be the only ones benefiting from this helpful tool? Homeowners need it too.” As a result, the tool is now available to consumers on Amazon and the product is also available wholesale in case quantities of 12 tools per case. The ergonomic tool lifts and holds even the heaviest mattress, is made in the U.S. and comes with a lifetime warranty.