Cilek Expands Juvenile Car Bed Collection

As the trend in electric vehicles continues to grow for families across the country, Cilek Kids Room, a leading Turkish juvenile furniture supplier, is transforming its best-selling race car bed and furniture collection into a modern electric (EV) lineup.

The collection, featuring the GT-E Electric Car Bed, an EV Charging Dresser and a matching study desk with windshield and car dashboard, takes inspiration from real-life electric vehicles and is equipped with high-end features to deliver a superior sleep experience.

“Every child mimics their mom and dad, and car choices are no different. As the EV car market continues to attract parents, kids now can be a part of this experience with our new GT-E collection,” said Talha Cilek, president of Cilek. “Our well-engineered designs help create an imaginative and fun environment for children and introduce a real-world trend into juvenile furniture. The future is electric, and so are our race car beds.”

GT-E Collection features extremely lifelike car beds

The new electric race car bed is the focal point of the GT-E Collection. The GT-E Race Car Bed features a vibrant green color theme, representing environment friendliness, that can be found on its underbody lights, brake, and upholstery stitching details. The exhaust tips were replaced with EV battery visuals and the gas cap was replaced with an EV charger cap to follow the theme.

The EV Charging Dresser, complete with a new cable to mimic an EV charging station, replaces the previous gas pump design. The dresser features an overhead storage compartment under the EV display panel, providing the extra storage kids and parents crave. Following the charging station theme, the dresser mimics a high-end charging station screen with its front-facing decal. The last piece of the collection is a study desk which includes a matching aesthetic that completes the collection. Highlights of the study desk include cupboards, shelving, three spacious drawers, a cool EV car dashboard with digital instruments as well as a rearview mirror that functions as a reading light.

The EV series will be available starting in early 2022. Like its more grown-up examples, Cilek has started a waiting list for families looking to purchase the new series.


About Cilek Kids Room

Cilek Kids Room was founded in 1995 in Turkey – the heart of the Turkish furniture industry. In 2016, Cilek USA Inc. was born to expand Cilek’s roots into the United States where president Talha Cilek sees great opportunity for growth and improving its USA’s juvenile furniture segment. In 2004, the company started its Cilek Foundation to donate 10 percent of its net profit to under-privileged children. Cilek Kids Room boasts a world-renowned presence throughout 444 retail outlets across 66 countries and employs 2,000 people worldwide.