California Design Den Launches Weighted Blanket

California Design Den, a top-rated cotton bedding brand on Amazon, recently launched the latest edition to its line of thoughtfully crafted bedding products: The Chunky Weighted Blanket. Keeping to the brand’s DNA, the blanket is made from 100% natural cotton, providing a buttery soft feel while its woven design allows for breathable comfort, keeping consumers cool throughout the changing seasons.

Hand-woven by skilled female artisans in India for an elegant knitted design to match any living room or bedroom décor, each blanket is made with care and with the planet in mind. Unlike other weighted blankets that use beads and other fillers to provide weight, California Design Den's Chunky Weighted Blanket distributes weight evenly through the woven material to provide a more breathable experience.

“In the last year, our bedrooms and couches have transitioned into offices and classrooms, forcing us to bring some of our stress-inducing activities inside the home. With continued research on the mental and physical benefits of weighted blankets, we wanted to provide consumers with a comforting and luxurious experience for the home during any season,” said Deepak Mehrotra, Founder of California Design Den.

“Made from the softest materials that are clean, non-toxic and certified free of harmful chemicals, the Chunky Weighted Blanket is skillfully crafted with the same superior quality as our favored cotton sheets, for an unbeatable price.”

The Chunky Weighted Blanket retails between $129 for the 8 LB blanket, $139 for the 12 LB blanket and $149 for the 15 LB and comes in two color options. The blankets are currently available through Amazon.


About California Design Den

Founded in 2014, California Design Den set out on a mission to create premium 100% natural cotton products to provide consumers with a sense of complete restfulness in their sleep. With over 50,000 reviews, California Design Den takes pride as the #1 cotton-bedding brand on Amazon. By listening closely to consumers and directly applying their feedback, the brand continues to deliver quality cotton products at an unmatched price point. California Design Den’s cotton products are not only soft and durable, but are made with earth-grown materials, crafted by skilled artisans in a certified green facility; making their bedding healthier and more eco-friendly for consumers. Beyond creating comfortable, eco-friendly and quality products, California Design Den wants consumers to wake up with a sense of peace to carry on throughout their day.