Cadence Keen Introduces The BedMade EZ Bed Maker

After more than twenty years of success in the hotel and cruise industry, Cadence Keen Innovations (CKI Solutions) is focusing on the mattress and bedding retail industry. The company is launching its newest product at the Winter Las Vegas Market: the Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker Kit.

“For over two decades, CKI Solutions has focused on products that solve real problems and make life easier,” explained CEO Sam Montross. “Customers’ rave reviews and significant demand for the Bed MadeEZ initiated our change in focus to the world of retail.”

First launched in the hotel industry, the Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker proved to be a key factor in eliminating the issues housekeepers face when changing bedsheets, many of which also apply to consumers.

“Today’s mattresses can be very heavy,” Montross continued. “For many people, tucking sheets while making their bed can be a real hassle. Our new consumer version of the patented Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker is the first product for consumers that takes the strain out of making a bed because it lifts and holds up the mattress in a raised position leaving hands free to change linens. Our narrow tip design allows the bed maker to tuck in sheets quickly and neatly and makes placing bed skirts on and removing sheets a much easier task.”

CKI Solutions is offering two basic options for the bed maker. With a suggested retail price of $15, the single BedMadeEZ Bed Maker can be displayed in the store on a hook card. Additionally, CKI Solutions also offers an eye-catching bed-making kit, which retails for $40 and features two mattress lifters, a chic storage bag plus a unique item that makes it easy to put on pillow cases.

In addition to the Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker Kit, CKI Solutions will also spotlight its full line-up of innovative bedding accessories at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

“We believe that these added-value benefits to the consumer offer a huge opportunity for mattress, bedding and home furnishings retailers,” said Steven Gordon, president of CKI Solutions. “Given the need for retailers to offer more choices, options and add-ons in today’s market, we offer the retailer a strong story. [Our bed maker kit] is everything a consumer needs to make a bed. And while it can be a high profit margin it also makes a unique promotional item.”