Brooklyn Bedding Launches Ascension Adjustable Base Online

Brooklyn Bedding, manufacturer and retailer of custom mattresses since 1995, recently announced the launch of the Ascension Adjustable Base online. Ergonomically designed from head to toe for customized comfort, the Ascension Adjustable Base by Brooklyn Bedding is one of several new sleep accessories added to the brand’s online assortment that offer consumers the chance to create a more holistic sleep system.

The new Ascension Adjustable Base features dual motors that adjust both the head and foot simultaneously using a wired remote control—a key feature that, coupled with its deck-to-deck design, helps sleepers position the mattress to more closely align with the contours of the human body.

The benefits of adjustable bases are many for sleepers. Elevating the upper body helps alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve and has been shown to help lessen sleep apnea, asthma, snoring and acid reflux; elevating the lower body helps alleviate pressure on the veins while promoting better blood flow and proper spinal alignment. Beyond sleep, an adjustable power base offers a healthier way to sit in bed while reading, working and watching television. Brooklyn Bedding’s Ascension Adjustable base features added benefits including a whisper quiet motor for minimal sleep disturbance when sharing a bed, and a slender profile that fits most slat less frames.

“Our primary goal in launching the Ascension Adjustable Base online was to create a more customizable, more comfortable in-bed experience for our customers,” said John Merwin, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Brooklyn Bedding. “The growth of adjustable bases as a category is really a reflection of our evolving lifestyles. There are certainly health benefits associated with elevating the head and feet during sleep, but people are increasingly looking for better support than ever while working and lounging in bed.”

The center fold design of the Ascension Adjustable Base makes the product both shippable and easily transportable through tighter entryways and stairwells. Brooklyn Bedding will ship the base free to any location in the contiguous United States.

“In making the Ascension Adjustable Base available online, we’re really addressing three major market trends,” said Merwin. “First, shoppers want the convenience of online ordering. Second, they expect not only doorstep delivery but free shipping on larger orders. Third, they want a more personalized, ergonomically friendly bed that meets multiple needs. The challenge for bedding retailers has always been offering a higher quality, power adjustable base that is also shippable. We believe we found that sweet spot in this particular model, which combines a deck-to-deck, ergonomic design with dual controls for both the head and feet, and a bifold mechanism that makes the base shippable and easier to transport inside your home.”

The Ascension Adjustable Base is priced competitively at $699 (Twin XL), $799 (Queen) and $1398 (Split King, offering individualized comfort for couples).


About Brooklyn Bedding: Brooklyn Bedding is an American made manufacturer of mattresses, differentiated by master craftsmanship, a wholly owned state-of-the art manufacturing facility and exceptional customer service. Family owned since 1995, the company originated with two brothers delivering mattress products direct to customers’ homes. Known as the “mobile mattress guys,” John and Rob Merwin evolved their business by learning every aspect of the mattress making process. They tenaciously used every material in their inventory to pass savings on to customers, purchasing high grade manufacturing equipment and pioneering bed-in-a-box online delivery in 2008.

Today, the company owns world class expertise in mattress engineering, achieved through meticulous attention to detail, cutting edge equipment and patented materials created with advanced technology. Brooklyn Bedding designs and creates its entire line of high quality bedding, on demand, in its manufacturing facility in Arizona. Remaining true to its roots, the company still goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, offering its expertly crafted mattresses, sheets and pillows at an affordable price with free online shipping, a generous 120-day trial period, and a 10-year hassle free warranty period on mattresses.