Boyd Specialty Sleep Delivers Retailers Profit with Form, Function & Price

Following the successful introduction and retail placement of as many as 10 different UPS-able platform frames in less than a year, Boyd Specialty Sleep expands its line even further, claiming that decorative, functional, affordable bed bases are the “foundations of the future.”

The diversified producer of mattresses, sleep accessories and furniture is developing new steel frame designs to round out its stylish collection of bed platforms that retail from $299 to $599 in queen—a range the company says encompasses today’s cost of an average box spring and traditional frame.

According to company president Dennis Boyd, “not only is there brisk demand for decorative, shippable bed frames among internet retailers, but demand is quickly increasing among brick-and-mortar sleep shops and furniture stores.

“It’s a matter of being able to offer both form and function at affordable price points,” he said. “A platform performs the same function as a standard box spring and frame in that it keeps the bed off the floor. But if that can be accomplished in a way that’s simpler, equally or more durable, more visually arresting and easily distributed—for at or near the same cost—then it delivers far more than mere function.

“For the most part, today’s foundations or box springs have become commoditized ‘spacers’ between the mattress and frame. Stylish frames enhance the consumer’s shopping experience and we’re seeing many retailers re-examine their rationale for selling traditional sets over versatile platforms.”

Boyd’s new all-steel designs will fall within the key $299 to $599 range, expanding a collection that already includes decorative steel bases in silver, brushed nickel and black, as well as solid wood versions in light and dark finishes.

Offered in contemporary, metropolitan and Scandinavian styles, the series includes padded or decorative steel headboard options and attached bedside tables with certain models.

The company’s most successful design, Boyd said, has been its manually adjustable East Adjust™ base. The patent-pending platform enables sleepers to enjoy the benefits of adjustable comfort at 25 percent of the cost of a power base.

The UPS-able base, which has 15 settings at the head end and requires no tools for set-up, has generated a 100 percent close ratio among internet retailers and an 80 percent placement rate among traditional stores since its January 2012 introduction.

Easy Adjust is also the industry’s first such product that’s available in a “true king” size, in addition to twin XL and queen sizes. The king model can be independently adjusted when adjacent twin XLs are not connected.

“Mattress stores want versatile platforms that coordinate with most furniture and represent an add-on sale,” Boyd explained. “Furniture outlets want decorative frames for their mattress departments and to show with their bedroom furniture.

“We believe bed bases are an industry ‘change agent’ and the best proof of that is demonstrated by internet stores where there’s no salesperson,” Boyd noted. “Online mattress shopper data shows that consumers are opting for decorative, versatile platform designs over traditional sets and frames by a substantial margin.”

To further demonstrate the “common sense logic” of platforms over standard sets and frames to both retailers and consumers, Boyd has developed an intuitive point-of-sale chart that compares prices of conventional sets, platform designs, the company’s Easy Adjust base and wired or wireless power bases.

“This matrix pricing makes it easier for retail sales associates to talk to consumers about what their options really are,” Boyd said. “And because consumers like the concept of choice, it makes for a more creative and interesting shopping experience.”

Boyd Specialty Sleep was founded in 1978 and dedicates itself to quality, innovation and excellence in a range of highly diversified specialty sleep products.

The company has earned more than 30 patents for its innovations and is strategically focused on the health and safety of consumers and on the environmental impact of its products and processes.

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About Boyd Specialty Sleep: 
Founder Denny Boyd and Boyd Specialty Sleep began over 33 years ago in the Waterbed industry developing knowledge and expertise in adjustable sleep surfaces that continues to inspire and inform product development across the broad spectrum of Specialty Sleep products today. Boyd Specialty Sleep is headquartered in a 70,000 sq. ft building in St. Louis, Missouri with products produced at our factories in China and a 320,000 sq. ft plant in Fontana, California.