Blu Sleep Introduces “Blu Goes Pink” With New Pillow Collections

BLU Insert Wellness Air FlowBlu Sleep is launching the “Blu Goes Pink” donation program in support of the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Blu Sleep specializes in creating, producing and marketing high technology and innovative pillows and toppers designed to meet the varying comfort and performance needs, as well as meeting expectations of a broad range of consumers.

Blu Sleep Products will donate a portion of the revenues of each Wellness Air Flow Comfort Pillows to support cancer screening, diagnostic testing and cancer treatment. “Every Wellness Airflow (PINK) pillow, body pillow and topper that we sell will help make a difference in the lives of women and their families affected by breast cancer,” says co-owner Elizabeth Ciccolella. “We are pleased to be playing a vital role in offering hope and improving the quality of life for those who could not otherwise afford these critical healthcare services. Our goal is to help provide assistance to those suffering from breast cancer, and to improve the chances of survival for those diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“This ‘Blu Goes Pink’ concept of helping folks who are in need is an extension of our overall company philosophy of offering an improved quality of life,” says company president Alex Ciccolella. “Most charity donation programs require that a participating retailer donate a substantial minimum to use the marketing themes and promotion materials. We at Blu are meeting that minimum and all our retailers, large or small, who choose to use our Wellness Air Flow point of purchase materials or others promotion items can participate with our Blu Goes Pink Wellness Air flow pillow and topper program,” he explains. “Everybody wins, we as a company, our retail customers, consumers, and most importantly, the people who benefit directly from these donations.”

The Blu Wellness Airflow (Pink) line is part of the company’s exclusive open cell visco-elastic memory foam. The unique formulation of this visco-elastic balances support and comfort within a wide range, allowing it to adapt to most consumers. The open cell structure in conjunction with its ventilation holes make this ultra premium visco foam pillow feel plush, luxurious, and incredibly comfortable, while at the same time providing outstanding neck support and durability. The pillows are covered with an Aloe Vera pillow cover to offer soothing and natural- based properties.

The company will also be introducing their new line of Blu Sleep Body Pillows at the Summer Las Vegas Market. These pillows are designed to improve sleep quality by gently cradling and supporting the stomach during side sleep. When placed between the knees, the pillow relieves pressure on the spine, back and hips. Elizabeth Ciccollela says that these comfy body pillows are, “fantastic for cuddling or for helping to relieve aches and pains from ailments such as back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica and more.” The body pillows will be available in Blu’s Nature Series: BioAloe, Vitality, Aquagel as well as in the all new Wellness Air Flow collection.