Blu Sleep Debuts New Recovery-Promoting Pillow

Blu Sleep has launched a new pillow designed to help the body achieve peak levels of performance. Now available in both the US and Canadian markets, the Ceramo pillow is made with a bio ceramic gel coating that utilizes far infrared technology that supports the body’s recovery and provides numerous health benefits.

“We’re always looking for the latest technology to improve sleep and offer something different to our customers,” said Elizabeth Dell’accio, Vice President of Blu Sleep Products. “As new innovations in sleep arise, we want to be able to adopt them and integrate them into our products.”

Sprayed directly onto the pillow, the bio ceramic gel featured in the Ceramo works by returning far infrared energy back into the body. This process has been shown to increase blood oxygen levels, blood circulation and reduce joint inflammation—all of which promote vitality, muscle relaxation and reduction of stress and fatigue. The pillow itself is made from Air Memory foam, which offers a plush feel and superior air flow. For additional cooling, it comes with a cover made with thermally conductive fibers. Retailing for $99, the Ceramo is suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers—and has the added benefit of being machine washable and dryable.

Blu Sleep Ceramo Pillow 1Blu Sleep doesn’t just think outside of the box, it thinks about the box itself. In 2020, the company is transitioning from aluminum coated bags to new, compact boxes. Customers will be drawn to the vibrantly colored design, helping to spark conversation with RSAs while still minimizing the display footprint.

“We highly value attractive packaging and we believe these newly designed boxes will be eye-catching,” Dell’accio explained. “We also wanted the packaging to be cost effective, and we’ve brought those two aspects together. We’re looking forward to our packaging bringing more buyers to the product, garnering our customers more sales and giving the consumers better value.”

Blu Sleep’s state-of-the-art machinery compresses, rolls and protective wraps each pillow before it is boxed. The new packaging reduces shipping costs, thereby increasing dealer profits. Retailers small and large will be able to have more product on the floor, organized in the way it best works for their displays.