Big Sandy Superstore And Malouf Partner For Showroom Remodel

Malouf Home’s award-winning visual merchandising team recently completed a showroom remodel for Big Sandy Superstore, a Top 100 retailer, at its Dublin, Ohio location. A key feature of the updated showroom is Malouf’s vertical Modular Display Rack, which allows retailers to display a wide range of sleep accessories without crowding their floor space.

“When redesigning Big Sandy’s showroom, our Modular Display Rack was the perfect solution. This display was created with our products, and our retail partners, in mind,” said Adam Stevenson, lead visual merchandising designer for Malouf. “With the different ways the modular rack can be configured, we were able to put together a display for each product category Big Sandy wanted to highlight, and we did it in a way that is easy for customers to interact with and shop.”

Modular Display Rack allows retailers to display more while saving space

With the Modular Display Rack, retailers can creatively showcase an assortment of Malouf bedding items. They can customize the layout with 13- and 17-inch display boxes and angled shelves, and they can alternate between five recommended configurations. The display boxes can accommodate Malouf sheets, protectors or their Acrylic Display Case, while the shelves can showcase Malouf pillows.

“In addition to their comprehensive product offering, Malouf has helped us elevate our merchandising strategy with their Modular Display Rack,” said Bryan P. Scott, president of Big Sandy Superstore. “A main benefit of the display is that it gives our customers the chance to experience products in-store so they can purchase more confidently. Since Malouf installed the modular rack, we have noticed a rise in customer engagement and our sales volume has also increased.”

Malouf retail partners can order the Modular Display Rack and other point-of-purchase items on the Wholesale Resource Center (WRC).


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