BEDGEAR Unveils Airflow Pillow Collection

BEDGEAR is introducing Flow, a new advanced airflow pillow collection engineered with the company’s patented Air-X Performance fabric technology. Designed to help the body naturally regulate its temperature in support of an ideal sleep environment, the new line ensures optimum breathability and maximum cross-ventilation thanks to its Air-X mesh sides and patented air vent design.

Flow features a jersey-like Air-X cover and mesh sides that work together to deliver advanced airflow. The pillow’s Air-X 3D-structured fabric creates a cushion of air with spring-like yarns, which allows air to move more rapidly, providing continuous ventilation. The patented air vent design is made from a soft, circular fabric with a mesh center about the size of a nickel. This helps direct heat coming from the head, neck and shoulders away from the body on the corners of the pillow.

“BEDGEAR’s Air-X technology allows for continuous airflow in and around the pillow, moving hot stale air away from the sleeper,” said BEDGEAR CEO and founder Eugene Alletto. “Air-X reduces heat and sweat to create a better-quality rest at night. The Flow pillow collection is unique in that it overflows with advanced airflow technology, including its air vent design, providing sleepers with cross-ventilation, comfort and a clean sleep environment.”

With a dual-chamber construction that is soft on one side and firmer on the other, the pillow’s React fill is a blend of consistently cut materials, including silk-like fibers, to provide a conforming, pressure-relieving feel.

Like all of BEDGEAR’s products, the Flow will stand out on the retail floor with its metallic-silver-colored piping and slate blue mesh sides. Available in four heights, the collection also features a zip-off removable and washable cover to ensure a clean and healthy sleep environment.