BEDGEAR Introduces Air-X Technology

BEDGEAR, a performance sleep product brand, recently introduced its new patented breathable fabric technology called Air-X which the brand engineered for enhanced airflow. Air-X is designed in a 3D structure that creates a cushion of air with spring-like yarns, resulting in a soft feel that also allows air to move more rapidly. Air-X requires less raw materials and manufacturing to create, reducing its carbon footprint. This highly breathable fabric technology is available in the new Air-X Mattress Protector and Flow Performance Pillow collection.

Air-X technology in the form of mesh has been a staple of BEDGEAR's proven sleep solutions that can be found on some of the brand's pillows and mattresses. Air-X ensures 100% breathability for a clean and healthy sleep environment, which is crucial in today's health situation.

“BEDGEAR's Air-X technology allows for continuous airflow, moving hot stale air away from the sleeper,” said BEDGEAR CEO and founder Eugene Alletto. “Removing hot trapped air as we sleep has never been accomplished before by any bedding manufacturer. Following the success of BEDGEAR’s other patented fabric technologies, we introduced Air-X as a top-of-the-line, 100% breathable fabric. Air-X has a unique plush feel and prevents the sleeper from overheating.”

The Air-X Mattress Protector

The Air-X Mattress Protector is engineered with two layers of plush soft Air-X fabric that creates a cushion of air. This permits air to move more rapidly, providing continuous ventilation and 100% breathability that allows the body to naturally adjust to its ideal sleep temperature. The bottom layer of the protector includes a noiseless waterproof barrier that reduces buildup of pet dander, dust mites and allergens to the bed as well as resist stains, fluids, mold and mildew. Quilted in a simple geometrical design, the lightweight Air-X Mattress Protector features BEDGEAR’s patented Powerband, which is a grey-colored fully banded elastic that provides a secure fit and grip to the mattress. This mattress protector is also high-efficiency machine washable, which requires less water, detergent and energy.

The Flow Performance Pillow

The Flow Performance Pillow collection is made with 100% Air-X fabric with a dual-chamber construction that is soft on one side and firmer on the other. Flow's fill of React has a supportive blend of consistently cut materials including silk-like fibers that provides a conforming and pressure relief feel. The Air-X jersey-like grey cover of the pillow features metallic-silver-colored piping and slate blue mesh sides. Flow includes a patented air vent design to provide continuous airflow. An air vent is a soft, circular fabric with a mesh center, which is about the size of a nickel. The benefit of it is allowing hot air coming from the head, neck and shoulders to be directed away on the corners of the pillow away from the body. The Flow pillow collection also features a zip-off removable and washable cover to ensure a clean and healthy sleep environment.

BEDGEAR Flow Pillow

The Air-X Mattress Protector and the Flow pillow collection are available at and in select retail locations nationwide. The Air-X Mattress Protector’s retail price starts at $199.99 for Queen sizing. The Flow pillow retails at $149.



Launched in 2009, BEDGEAR® is the brand of Performance® that provides innovative bedding by focusing on an active lifestyle and well-being. BEDGEAR’s sleep solutions are engineered with fabrics that are temperature neutral and instant cooling and maximize airflow to allow the body to naturally regulate its temperature. With a core belief of One Size Does Not Fit All™, BEDGEAR has redefined the way people view sleep by developing interactive in-store experiences and breathable bedding products that are personally fit to a consumer based on specific factors, including body type, sleep position and temperature. BEDGEAR is dedicated to integrating environmental responsibility into product development to ensure less returned goods are being sent to landfills. BEDGEAR is essential to the rest and recovery routines of professional athletes and active people who need to maximize their sleep. A proud manufacturer in the USA, BEDGEAR offers mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets, pet beds as well as travel, kids and baby products that often feature removable and washable covers to maintain a clean and healthy sleep environment. BEDGEAR is represented in more than 4,000 retail stores across the globe and has earned more than 220 U.S. and worldwide patents, trademark registrations and pending applications. Sleep Fuels Everything®!