BEDGEAR Builds On Relief Efforts

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BEDGEAR Foundation is distributing tens of thousands of KN95 respirator masks, which are being donated to hospitals, nursing homes and First Responders based on Long Island, NY, and in the South Carolina areas. The BEDGEAR Foundation is also donating thousands of pillows to these organizations as most hospital staff members are unable to return to their homes and must sleep in shifts at the medical facilities without basic sleep necessities like pillows.

In addition to these efforts, the company is offering clean guidelines to help retailers that have remained opened create a clean and safe shopping environment—and these guidelines will likely be useful following the pandemic as well. The brand is also utilizing a percentage of its pillow sales profits to support their ongoing relief initiatives.

Clean Guidelines

In order to support safe shopping in furniture and mattress retail stores that remained open amid the coronavirus, BEDGEAR  created “clean” guidelines, including the use of BEDGAR’s patented Sleep Napkins, to ensure consumers feel safe and comfortable shopping in stores today and after the pandemic. To ensure retailers’ front-line employees have at least basic protection, BEDGEAR is also providing KN95 respirator masks and slip-on booties to its customers that are unable to acquire them at a fair-market price.

BEDGEAR is encouraging retailers to use today’s time to take a fresh approach to every aspect of the customer journey, especially envisioning the store through a new customer’s eyes. In-store customers now have a new set of clean expectations and will carry these standards with them as stores begin to fully re-open when the coronavirus subsides.

Central to the sanitary best practices that retailers must implement is Sleep Napkins, which are used for each shopper as part of a personalized Performance pillow and mattress fitting. The perforated and disposable Sleep Napkins are essential because they cover the entire pillow or a body-size portion of the mattress to maintain a clean surface between the shopper and the bedding product. These hypoallergenic Sleep Napkins are only used during the fitting with a consumer, enhancing the shopper’s enjoyment and ensuring each guest has a healthy, clean sleep environment.

Some of the other clean guidelines retailers BEDGEAR laid out include creating a more welcoming and spacious environment by decluttering, especially in smaller stores, allowing shoppers to roam more freely and facilitate social distancing. In addition, retailers should deploy front-door greeters to visibly disinfect door handles and common surfaces and ensure neat grooming for all staff, as well as enable the use of masks, gloves and slip-on booties by their delivery teams. The disposable slip-on booties are essential for the delivery drivers because they should not be bringing in dirt and debris and disturbing the cleanliness of the consumers’ homes.

“The retail community doesn’t need to go overboard with social distancing and have their front-line members wear hazmat suits; we don’t want to create a fear of in-store shopping and push away consumers, forcing them to shop only online,” said BEDGEAR CEO and founder Eugene Alletto. “Shoppers must continue to have the opportunity to touch and interact with products, which is integral to the bedding journey, and retailers must make them comfortable with the entire transaction from in the store to the final delivery.”

BEDGEAR has always emphasized the use of the Sleep Napkins during the pillow and mattress fitting process with its motto: “A good night’s sleep starts with a clean night’s sleep.”

“We are all responsible to help keep one another safe and clean, and BEDGEAR’S Sleep Napkins genuinely show the in-store customer that we really care about a healthy bedding experience. BEDGEAR has always focused on protecting the health and wellness of the consumer, not just protecting a bed,” Alletto added.

BEDGEAR customers can contact their account representative to receive additional clean best practices as well as request KN95 respirator masks, disposable booties and Sleep Napkins.

19% of Performance Pillow Proceeds To Go To The BEDGEAR Foundation

Additionally, the brand will be donating 19% of all its Performance Pillow sales from through the month of April to the BEDGEAR Foundation, the company’s registered 501(c)3 arm. All proceeds donated will be used by the BEDGEAR Foundation in its COVID-19 relief efforts.

"We do not want to turn away any First Responder requests, and BEDGEAR is proud to offer our online shoppers a way to make a difference in the lives of others by combatting the coronavirus and directly helping the medical staff on the front lines,” said BEDGEAR founder and CEO Eugene Alletto.

bedgearBEDGEAR is well-known for its breathable Performance Pillows; many of them have removable and washable covers as well as patented Air-X panels that vent excess body heat, helping keep away allergens. The pillow represents 30% of a sleeper’s overall comfort because 30% of spine alignment is created by the pillow while the remaining 70% of comfort comes from the mattress.

“Since the pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for BEDGEAR’s Performance pillows,” added Alletto. “It’s humbling that I can keep the BEDGEAR team members still employed and provide much-needed help to the medical community with BEDGEAR’S staple product of pillows, giving the First Responders some form of rest and recovery.”

BEDGEAR is encouraging other companies within the bedding and home furnishings industry a well as the public to make a monetary donation to the BEDGEAR Foundation that will be used to produce and ship the KN95 respirator masks and Performance pillows.

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 About BEDGEAR PERFORMANCE: As the only brand of Performance®, BEDGEAR® launched in 2009 with professional-grade bedding products designed to help Olympians and other career athletes prioritize sleep as part of their training regimens. In 2011, the company introduced personalized fit pillows and mattresses to consumers, touting a proprietary fitting process for 100% of each individual’s total sleep comfort, based on their sleep position and body frame. BEDGEAR is sought-after for their patented airflow layers, the world’s first moisture management fabric technologies, and personalized fit components, which create a more awake population. The brand has stayed true to its roots, becoming the choice of more than 15 professional and national sports teams and more than 200 individual athletes and opinion leaders, including the New York Road Runners, hosts of the world’s largest marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon. A proud manufacturer in the USA, BEDGEAR focuses their innovation on being additive to growing local community and maintaining strong specialty retailers. BEDGEAR’s products are sold in more than 4,000 retail stores across the globe and have earned more than 190 U.S. and worldwide patents and trademark registrations and pending applications. This thriving international presence has empowered BEDGEAR to grow beyond borders to a global footprint from which they’re fostering a vision of World Peace through commerce.