Beautyrest Unveils New Beautyrest Complete Accessories Line

This January, Beautyrest is introducing a new sleep accessories line called Beautyrest Complete. Designed to work with Beautyrest mattresses as a comprehensive system, this new collection features pillows, mattress covers and pillow covers that help customers transform their sleep from mere rest to renewal. By stocking the Beautyrest Complete collection at retail, consumers are encouraged to think about their whole purchase rather than focusing solely on the mattress, while retailers are able to offer expanded sales opportunities.

Beautyrest Complete encompasses Beautyrest- or Beautyrest Black-branded pillows as well as Beautyrest Black AirCool mattress and pillow cover options. The seven pillows in the collection include an array of technologies, comfort levels and price points that will fit any customer’s sleep needs. Additionally, the line-up is divided into four tiers: good, better, best, and luxury.

The Beautyrest Complete “good” pillow offering is the Deep Rest Pillow Dual Pack. Priced at $35, this product consists of two machine-washable fiber pillows that are asthma and allergy friendly. Ideal for all position sleepers, this offering delivers an incredible value for customers.

The collection’s “better” category includes one fiber pillow and one memory foam option, both priced at $89 per pillow. Designed for back and side sleepers, the Calming Rest pillow contains moisture-wicking fibers that pull heat away from the body, and InfiniCool Technology for a cool-to-the-touch feeling that helps maintain an ideal sleep temperature. The Absolute Rest pillow adapts to a sleeper’s head and neck for personalized support and features DualCool Memory Foam to help maintain a cool and comfortable sleep environment. The antimicrobial memory foam and hand-washable cover make for a fresher pillow that is appropriate for all position sleepers.

For the Beautyrest Complete collection’s “best” pillow offering, the company offers two memory foam options. The Absolute Relaxation pillow features PressureSense memory foam that responds quickly for freedom of movement and a ventilated construction for enhanced airflow. Priced at $99, the pillow provides pressure-relieving comfort to all position sleepers. The Absolute Beauty pillow combines InfiniCool Technology, ventilated memory foam and pressure-relieving comfort in two thicknesses, offering an option for all types of sleepers.

Beautyrest Complete_Beautyrest Black_AirCool_Mattress Cover with InfiniCool

The final Beautyrest Complete category – the “luxury” category – includes Beautyrest Black-branded products and extends beyond pillows to include mattress and pillow covers. To facilitate personal preference, the “luxury” pillow offerings include both memory foam and goose down options priced at $149 per pillow. The Absolute Luxury pillow features Graphite Memory Foam, which pulls heat away from the head, InfiniCool Technology for a cool-to-the-touch feeling on the memory foam surface, and an AllerPur Technology cover to help keep the sleep environment clean and fresh. It is available in five-inch and six-inch models. The Evening Rest pillow is made of all-natural 100 percent goose down and features a 400-thread-count Supima cotton cover. This cotton is inherently softer, more luxurious and stronger than regular cotton, making it an excellent long-term investment. Suitable for all sleep positions, this pillow is also machine-washable.

Constructed with cutting-edge 3-D design, Beautyrest Black AirCool mattress and pillow covers are designed to wick away moisture, enhance comfort, relieve pressure and increase breathability. With a pillow cover price point of $69 and a mattress cover price point of $299, consumers can choose to purchase either product in one of two technologies. The InfiniCool Technology is designed to move additional heat away from the body, while the AllerPur Technology option can reduce allergens, such as dust mite dander, found in the sleep environment.