Beautyrest Optimizes Sleep Performance With New SmartMotion Base

After a year of record-setting sales, Simmons Beautyrest continues to spark consumer interest with its signature combination of luxury and technology. The company’s latest innovation is the Beautyrest SmartMotion base, a breakthrough new sleep solution that provides custom sleep tracking, tips and more for personalized sleep support.

The new Beautyrest SmartMotion base allows consumers to optimize their sleep with non-invasive sleep tracking technology that translates their nighttime habits into life transforming solutions. With advanced Sleeptracker technology seamlessly integrated into the base, SmartMotion has the flexibility to work with any mattress without the assistance of a wearable device or wires. With retail prices ranging from $1,199 to $2,299, SmartMotion offers retailers a clear adjustable step-up story while remaining within the same price range as standard adjustable bases.

In addition to accurately tracking deep, light and REM sleep, SmartMotion bases boast a wide range of advanced features. The non-invasive sensors accurately monitor up to two sleepers independently, displaying separate sleep data, reporting and sleep performance coaching for both. The SmartMotion System monitors physical inputs (i.e. heart rate, respiration rate and movement), compares users’ sleep history with individuals like them and synthesizes the information into real-time solutions designed to help consumers achieve an improved level of sleep. The advanced Sleep Cycle Alarm system further enhances the personalized sleep environment by using pre-selected earliest and latest wake times to detect when sleepers are in a light stage of sleep and waking them at the optimal moment to feel refreshed.

“Beautyrest SmartMotion is a game-changer in an over commoditized category,” explained Jeff Willard, Simmons Executive Vice President of Marketing. “This is technology unlike anything seen in the market as it is seamlessly integrated into a motion base so you don’t need to wear anything to track your sleep. With it, we’re able to drive category growth and add true value to retailers and consumers alike.”