Bearaby Introduces Weighted Bedding Collection

Bearaby, a company pioneering the weighted bedding category recently launched a the weighted bedding collection, available exclusively at The company combines sleep science with innovative design and sustainable materials to create functional and stylish weighted bedding that helps consumers sleep and feel better. Instead of taking a one size or weight fits all approach to its products, Bearaby developed a bedding series that is fully customizable including products ranging from from chic and cozy blankets to king-size comforters designed for sharing.

Research shows sleeping under an evenly dispersed weight deepens sleep cycles and lowers stress and anxiety levels, helping people achieve optimal rest. Bearaby's patent-pending weave construction and body contouring design maximizes that weighted sensation of being hugged or swaddled, a concept known as Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). While DTP has been embraced by the medical community as an effective therapy for improving sleep, Bearaby is intent on helping to make the benefits of DTP more widely accessible to consumers.

"Bearaby was born out of the inspiration to bring the benefits of weighted sleep to everyone by creating functional and sustainable weighted bedding that branches beyond blankets," said founder Kathrin Hamm. "We're on a mission to make natural deep sleep an everyday commodity, because we believe better sleeping leads to better living."

Bearaby has taken scientific research about sleep and weighted bedding, and combined it with sustainable textiles and a contemporary design which has led the company to secure two patents as its innovation paves the way for a new category: weighted bedding.

The new Bearaby weighted bedding collection features two new products: a customizable weighted comforter for nighttime (The Sleeper) and a chic weighted knit blanket (The Napper) for daytime. The Sleeper incorporates patented air channels for maximum breathability, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The Napper is made from naturally weighted vegan yarn, woven into a stylish and functional blanket that adds 20 pounds of soothing weight without artificial filling materials. The Sleeper is available in eight sizes and weight configurations, ranging from $199 to $439 USD and The Napper is available in six colorways for $259 USD.

The entire Bearaby weighted sleep collection is made from natural, responsibly sourced materials, including TENCEL, which uses less water to produce than cotton.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Bearaby sells its collection directly through its website. By shipping directly to consumers, Bearaby aims to deliver a more personalized experience to its customers and limit the environmental impact of its packaging. By removing all plastic and non-critical components, Bearaby created eco-friendly packaging that can easily be reused for stylish storage.

Bearaby's mission is to help people sleep better and feel better. As part of that mission Bearaby is raising awareness for mental health and has partnered with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to sponsor one hour of the NAMI Helpline for every Bearaby purchase. The Helpline is a free, public resource that provides support to the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.


About Bearaby: Bearaby is an innovative weighted sleep company that combines the best of sleep science with patented design and sustainable materials to create the world's first weighted bedding. Founded by Kathrin Hamm, Bearaby launched its initial bedding collection in December 2018.