Airweave Introduces Two Advanced Sleep Innovations at NY Now Tradeshow

Airweave, the Japanese creator of premium bedding products, recently introduced an upgraded edition of the company’s mainstream topper product. The new airweave mattress topper represents an innovation in sleep science, carefully crafted to yield the optimum sleep experience. Popular among athletes, including gold medal-winning Olympian Ryan Lochte, airweave has become a consumer phenomenon. Its popularity is driven by a single, powerful premise: airweave’s unique design leads to high-quality sleep.

On the whole, the new airweave is firmer than traditional mattress toppers, however it is designed to mold to the user’s frame—with a forgiving softness around the shoulder area—and the surface is tailored to allow sleepers to roll over mid-slumber without interrupting their rest. The updated product features a temperature-specific cover that helps users create the optimal sleep environment. Its most popular benefit is body temperature regulation. The airweave mattress topper is uniquely breathable and resilient, helping to lower the core body temperature of users, which correlates to deeper, more restful sleep.

First introduced at the NY Now tradeshow, the new airweave is now available in all sizes. The most popular unit, a queen-size airweave, retails for $920. All sized airweave mattress toppers are approximately 2.4 inches thick with covering. The outer cover offers a “warm side” and a “cool side,” helping users reach the optimal sleep temperature.

In addition to the updated topper, airweave also unveiled a mattress prototype at the NY Now Show. The latest innovation from the brand, the new mattress was developed based on scientific evidence from airweave’s recent sleep study, conducted with Stanford University.

“We have spent years immersed in sleep science, and our findings led to the creation of the newest airweave products,” said Motokuni Takaoka, CEO and founder, airweave. “Our research shows that the new family of airweave products represent the ideal sleep surface for the vast majority of sleepers. Airweave has been used by advanced athletes, for whom rest and recovery are critical, but we quickly realized that everyone needs the same sleep benefits. The difference between a fitful night’s sleep and a deep sleep can have an enormous impact on mood, performance and productivity, whether you are an Olympian or a working parent.”

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About airweave: Founded in Japan in 2007, airweave has been offering comfortable support for the best possible quality sleep. The scientifically supported mattress products allow for more restful slumber through its ergonomic, breathable design, and high resilience which help users turn over more easily. The company opened a flagship store in SoHo in New York City in early 2015. Airweave is an official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Committee as well as USA Swimming and U.S. Track & Field. Its products have helped both Olympians and high-level athletes across multiple sports, including gold medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte, ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and two-time Masters champion golfer Bubba Watson. Airweave’s portable product delivers the sleep consistency that they require.