Active Lifestyle Products Review

An increasing number of manufacturers are catering to consumers with active lifestyles who are also aware of, and crave, the rejuvenating benefits of a good night’s sleep. The companies below are incorporating the latest technologies, performance fabrics, and innovative sleep systems to produce product lines that will improve their customers’ sleeping and waking lives.


Providing high performance bedding essentials, Bedgear’s exclusive Dri-Tec® fabrics enhance the sleep experience through airflow management, moisture transport and a heat dissipation system that provide a more comfortable night’s sleep. Offering performance sheets, pillows, encasements, and protectors, Bedgear continues to expand on its variety of performance sleep products.



This innovative technology absorbs and stores the human body’s electromagnetic energy emissions and then transmits them back into the body for reabsorption into the muscle tissue. This process not only enhances tissue oxygen levels, it stimulates quicker recovery, heightens strength and athletic performance, balances body temperature, and improves sleep quality. Used by such bedding manufacturers as Recovery Systems International, Fabrictech, Bioposture, and Ambient, the technology has a lasting, positive impact on the sleeper’s recovery process.

Paramount Sleep

The Back Performance® Collection features zoned ergonomic designs in five different collections that are designed for consumers with active lifestyles. These five-zone support systems and high-density memory foams adjust to individual body weight and mold to each body’s unique shape. The ergonomic coils respond to every movement and the special encasement adds stability and 20% more sleep surface to the mattress. Additionally, the “Cool Sleep Technology” in the Back Performance Gel collection is the same supportive gel found in performance athletic products and now offers the same comfort and stability during sleep that it provides during daytime activities.

Recovery Systems International

The official sleep product of Iroman®, the My Recovery Mattress has been clinically proven to increase blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissues and help balance body temperature during sleep. With an emphasis on promoting recovery, wellness, and performance, My Recovery Mattresses uses innovative Celliant and Cellitex latex and technologies, enhancing the sleeper’s active lifestyle.



Partnering with Reebok’s CrossFit Games, Reverie’s Dream Sleep System includes adjustability and massage functions that are viewed as conducive to post-workout recovery and rejuvenation. The customizable Dream mattress allows athletes to reconfigure their beds’ firmness to accommodate injury or changes in muscle mass. The system’s natural rubber cylinders and bamboo mattress cover provides breathability and airflow for a cool, comfortable sleep.


Founded by two former women’s basketball coaches, SHEEX offers pillows, toppers, and performance sheet sets designed by athletes, for athletes. The Sleep Fit technology in SHEEX performance sheets provide the same professional-quality feel that athletic fabrics offer and also feature their breathability, temperature control, precision fit, moisture transport , and durability. The company stresses that consumers who commit to improving the quality of their sleep understand that, by doing so, they’re also improving their overall health and wellness.

Therapedic International

The company’s Agility collection combines innovative gel foam and micro-coils for cooling comfort and support that allows for a more supple, responsive sleep surface. Preserve® VG gel, the first bio-based visco-elastic gel foam on the market, is swirled into the foam for a cooling performance throughout the product line. The thousands of micro-pocket springs encased in the three-way stretch fabric give the mattress a quick-response-surface feel that is highly resistant to body impressions and sagging and allows the sleeper’s body to comfortably rejuvenate itself.