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Serta Simmons Bedding Launches Direct-To-Consumer ‘Tomorrow Sleep’

Tomorrow Sleep, a new company powered by Serta Simmons Bedding, has officially launched to deliver a system of innovative sleep products at an incredible value via a direct-to-consumer model. Leveraging the knowledge and research of SSB, the largest manufacturer and distributor of mattresses in the United States, Tomorrow has created the first truly connected sleep...
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Paramount Sleep Company Introduces The Lillian August Collection

Paramount Sleep Company recently announced a new partnership with Lillian August Designs, Inc. The company’s Lillian August Collection of mattresses will be available beginning March 1. The Lillian August Collection is a couture designer brand in the global luxury home furnishings arena. For 25 years Lillian’s iconic furniture and fabric collections have been distributed internationally....
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How A To-Do List May Help You Fall Asleep Faster

When struggling to fall asleep at night, people often have a number of tricks up their sleeves - whether they turn to relaxing music, essential oils or prescription pills. But a new research study suggests that the real trick to falling asleep faster may require a pen and pencil. According to a study published in...
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