Monthly Archives: May 2019

Chili Technology Introduces The OOLER Sleep System

From the makers of the chiliPAD comes a new innovation: the OOLER Sleep System. Now available to the public, the temperature-controlled mattress pad has been endorsed by major names in entertainment, sports and health, including producer Rick Rubin, Dr. Breus (best known as Oprah's sleep coach), Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Mark Sisson, Wellness Mamma (Katie Wells), the...
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The Power Of Wellness: Why You Should Be Tapping Into This Growing Market

The mattress industry has always been intrinsically linked to health and wellness. Above all else, the true purpose of a mattress is to facilitate quality sleep—and quality sleep is an essential part of maintaining physical, mental and emotional health. But that essential purpose has too often been obscured by a number of other...

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Our Thoughts On 2018 Mattress Sales Data

Delivering comprehensive shipment and sales data on the mattress industry’s current and historical trends, ISPA releases an annual report each year to keep industry participants informed. The organization recently published its 2018 Report, revealing interesting insights on the state of the mattress marketplace in the US - and where it may be heading...

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