Monthly Archives: April 2015

Helping Brands Grow In-Store and Online

South Bay is Leading the Private Labeling Segment with Meaningful Features and Superior Customer Service

First introduced in 1993 as an equipment manufacturer, South Bay International has steadily evolved over the years to establish itself as a truly unique asset within the bedding industry. With more than a decade of expertise under its belt, the company...
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Enhancing Individual Comfort with Advanced Bedding Accessories

No longer just a post-purchase afterthought, bedding accessories are more advanced than ever before. From customizable pillows to adjustable bed bases to performance sheets, consumers have a wide range of options when it comes to unique products that individually adapt to the sleeper. We’ve highlighted a number of companies that have developed personalized bedding accessories...
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Cultivating a Cohesive Brand Identity

Consumer recognition can play an integral role in any retail environment. A number of mattress companies have made strategic branding decisions recently, developing distinct, recognizable identities. The benefits of which extend beyond the manufacturer to their retail partners, helping to boost perceived value, expand market reach and, ultimately, lead to higher sales. HOW DO YOU CULTIVATE...
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