Monthly Archives: January 2015

Malouf Debuts New Products at the Winter Las Vegas Market

Malouf reported a record number of showroom visitors at the recent Winter Las Vegas Market. The company is crediting its success to the new products released at the show, especially its Tencel sheet set, which played a large role in its showroom display. Malouf Sheets - Tencel Leading a...
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Features from the Editors: Full Sleep Systems

Bedding manufacturers continue to introduce new ways to simplify the sales process for sleep retailers everywhere. Research has proven that getting a good night sleep is about more than just the mattress, with pillows and bases have a major influence on sleep quality. There are a number of manufacturers that have comprehensive product portfolios, offering...
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PureCare Continues to Push the Boundaries of Personalized Sleep Health and Wellness

Dedicated to the idea of sleep health and wellness, PureCare has been at the fore-front of innovative and revolutionary technology that continually reshapes the very concept of bedding fundamentals. While the company is preparing to launch their highly anticipated wellness-focused PureCare Elements sheet line at the Winter Las Vegas Market, the theme of healthier sleep...
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