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Winter 2016 Editors’ Picks

GLIDEAWAY Glideaway’s comprehensive line-up of adjustable bases includes a variety of innovative features, stylish designs and valuable price points. From the introductory Prelude (which offers a sophisticated look and simplified features for the more price-conscious consumer) to the higher-end Rhythm (which comes with full range head-up and foot-down options, Sleep Enhancement, wall hugging and LED...

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Q&A: Brand Partnerships

As the number of mattress brands continues to grow, more companies have begun looking outside the bedding market for new ways to stand out on showroom floors. For many independent manufacturers, strategic partnerships have become an essential marketing decision. Whether teaming up with well-known furniture brands, sports teams, public figures or TV shows, savvy...

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Colonial’s Research Uncovers Key Insights About the Mattress Buying Process

The retail landscape is changing. As more online information and purchasing opportunities have grown over the past decade, traditional brick and mortar retailers have had to evolve to stay current. Armed with a wealth of brand and product information along with reviews from fellow shoppers, consumers have a more critical eye when it comes...

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