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Gold Bond Expands Popular S-Series

Independent mattress manufacturer Gold Bond is expanding its top-selling S-Series with Serene Comfort Foam by adding a 12-inch profile to the collection. The new mattress includes two inches of Avena foam for a plusher, more luxurious sleep surface. Initially introduced in 2015, the collection’s popularity has continued to grow, and retailers requested...
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Gold Bond Debuts Copper-Infused Juvenile Mattress Line

Looking to grow its juvenile bedding business, Gold Bond Mattress is unveiling a new upscale line of children’s mattresses. Wrapped in an all-cotton ticking infused with anti-microbial copper, this new collection touts a number of health and safety benefits in addition to providing a comfortable night’s sleep for children. Dressed in a...

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Q&A: The Boxed Bed Trend

With every passing month, the bed-in-a-box craze seems to be growing more ubiquitous. These new boxed offerings require manufacturers and retailers to rethink a number of different aspects of the full sales process: from product technology to digital marketing channels to delivery options and price points. But will this...
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