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Back Page from the Publisher

By Christopher Schriever It’s hard to believe that we’re already well into the first month of 2013! As I look at the many new and exciting developments we cover in these pages, I’m filled with familiar pride and gratitude at the opportunity to work in this great industry. Its mix of smaller mattress...
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Reverie Unveils High-Tech Adjustable Base

One of the largest global manufacturers of adjustable bases, Silver Creek, NY-based Reverie is catering to today’s wired lifestyle by transforming the bed into a mobile hotspot with its high-tech 7S (Supreme) featuring integrated “Made for Mobile” technology. Unveiling at the Las...
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Dual Comfort Mattress Review

As consumers become more aware of the benefits of customized sleep solutions, manufacturers are stepping up their offerings of dual comfort sleep sets. Dual comfort mattresses enable both sleep partners to sleep on a mattress ideally suited for them. With this we have highlighted some manufacturers who have embraced the trend and created innovative dual...
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