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5 Bedding Trends from the 2017 Winter Las Vegas Market

There’s no question that the Winter Las Vegas Market has cemented its place as the preeminent bedding show in the industry. With plenty of...

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Q&A: Predictions for 2017

The bedding industry has made major technological strides over the past few years: today’s mattresses and accessories are smarter and better engineered than ever before. Looking out on the manufacturing landscape, the level of innovation may seem boundless. But ingenuity is most beneficial when it truly connects with customers—whether it provides key solutions or...

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From The Publisher: Winter 2017

As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, there’s no better time to look at lessons learned and use them to set goals and resolutions for the year ahead. With financial uncertainty and market disruption, the effects of shifting consumer trends could be felt throughout the retail landscape, making 2016 a tumultuous year...

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OMI Debuts New Velocity Priced REST Line

Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) will unveil its new REST line at the Winter Las Vegas Market, offering the certified organic latex/pocket coil mattress at a $1,995 price point. In addition to the more approachable price point, OMI will also make the new line available to exclusive retailers for...
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WI18 - PureCare Pop Up