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Magniflex Ensures a Cooler Night’s Sleep with Magnigel Foam

Just in time for the rising temperatures of summer, Magniflex is showcasing their patented Magnigel Foam. This unique formulation provides a superior solution for maintaining a cool sleeping environment throughout the night. Similar to their renowned MagniFoam, Magniflex’s third generation Magnigel features a high-density molecular structure to encourage proper spinal alignment and circulation, while also promoting...
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Magniflex Showcases Unique Toppers and Pillow Collections

Magniflex Comfort PillowMagniflex has gained international recognition for their patented memory foam and memory gel mattresses and now offers affordable sleep solutions with their collection of toppers and pillows. This new collection allows retailers to offer consumers the luxury Italian experience with a complete bedroom refresh -...
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Magniflex Collaborates with Carolina Mattress Guild On New Hybrid Collection

Magniflex will debut a new collection in collaboration with Carolina Mattress Guild at Spring High Point Market. This new line of products are specifically tailored for and distributed to the United States market. While Magniflex USA will continue to focus on and manufacture the Italian-made, all foam beds that have brought them international success, they have...
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