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The Problem Solving Powers of Performance Materials

Amidst the electronic glow of daily life, we often associate technology with apps and devices. However, bedding manufacturers have been incorporating technological advancement into the materials of their latest sleep products. And while the technology itself isn’t always easily visible, the effects are tangible. From copper, Tencel and Celliant to exclusive proprietary technologies, manufacturers...

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From the Publisher: Summer 2017

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through 2017—but here at Sleep Retailer, we’ve been busy thinking about the future. What’s the next material trend? Which social platform will change the way consumers shop? What retailer will Amazon buy next?!

For this issue of Sleep Retailer, we’ve taken a closer look at...

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BEDGEAR Equips San Diego Padres With Performance Bedding

BEDGEAR has partnered with the San Diego Padres to support their efforts in prioritizing the sleep, health and wellness of their players. As the official performance bedding partner of the San Diego Padres, BEDGEAR aims to help each player find their personalized fit sleep system, so they can recover...

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Bedgear Signs Professional Bass Angler As Brand Ambassador

Bedgear has signed professional bass angler Chad Pipkens as a brand ambassador. The fast-growth lifestyle brand is building their ambassador program as part of the 2017 brand strategy priorities. The goal is to foster authentic relationships and inspire a community of local influencers, professional athletes and trainers who embody the culture...
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