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Southerland Unveils Evolution Collection Of Hybrid Mattresses

Continuing a recent strategic move that focuses on product innovation and higher-end designs, Southerland will unveil the Evolution Collection at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The next generation hybrid line features a range of ultra-premium materials and technologies curated for a supportive, comfortable sleep.

The five-model Evolution designs include a...

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Southerland Unveils Copper-Infused Ionic Sleep System

Looking to capture a larger segment of the sleep accessories business, Southerland is unveiling the Ionic Sleep System at the Winter Las Vegas Market. This new line features pillows, mattress protectors and sheets that are infused with copper ions, offering benefits ranging from odor control to improved hygiene and overall...

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Las Vegas Market Bolsters Dominant Position In Bedding Industry

The Winter Las Vegas Market is always the busiest market for the bedding industry—and this year will be no exception. The Las Vegas Market announced that more than two dozen major suppliers of bedding, mattresses, accessories and technologies are opening, expanding or renewing showrooms for the winter event.

“Las Vegas Market is THE national bedding market, with all of the top bedding suppliers...

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WI18 - PureCare Pop Up