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Beautyrest’s Sleeptracker Monitor Hits Retail

After a successful debut at the summer Las Vegas Market, Beautyrest is unveiling the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor to the consumer market this month. This patented sleep monitoring system pairs with any mattress or foundation, allowing individuals to turn any bed into a smart bed. Offering an unprecedented level of accuracy,...

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Unpacking the Importance of Good Packaging

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is this old adage truer than at retail. In a sea of seemingly similar products, successful manufacturers are faced with the difficult task of catching a consumer’s eye, engaging their interest and clearly communicating the benefits of a...
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Beautyrest Debuts Standalone Sleep Tracking Device

On the heels of its breakthrough introduction of the SmartMotion Base, Simmons Beautyrest debuts Sleeptracker by Beautyrest, a new standalone sleep tracking device compatible with all Beautyrest mattresses and foundations. “Sleeptracker by Beautyrest brings our years of sleep expertise to the consumer tech category, providing a highly accurate, totally non-invasive, robust and easy-to-use solution...
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Simmons Combines Luxury and Technology In New Beautyrest Introductions

With a successful combination of innovative technology, lavish styling and engaging mass marketing, Simmons Beautyrest continues to be a leader in the evolving bedding market. The company is heading to the winter Las Vegas Market with a host of exciting new products introductions, including luxurious additions to the Beautyrest Black and Platinum collections, in...

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WI18 - PureCare Pop Up