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The New Luxury Mattress Market

Photo credit: vispring.com

As sleep continues to evolve into a coveted status symbol, retailers are jockeying to get their share of the growing luxury bedding market—and manufacturers are providing them with a variety of options. These mattress brands focus on the tantalizing benefits of handmade quality and high-end, fashion-forward tailoring....

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Q&A: Protecting The Margins Of Retail Partners

Today’s bedding retailers are facing an onslaught of new challenges as e-commerce retailers and direct-to-consumer brands push the “race to the bottom” even lower than before. As consumer expectations shift towards entry-level prices, many traditional mattress brands have opted to slash price points in order to remain competitive. While some retailers can make up...

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Eastman House Debuts The Founders Collection Mattresses

Marking more than 150 years of mattress manufacturing, Eastman House will introduce its first collection of mattresses for retailers aiming to sell to the more socially conscious consumer. The mattress collection falls under its Chittenden & Eastman label. Paying homage to the brands’ founders, the Founders Collection builds on a...

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