Dual Comfort Mattress Review

As consumers become more aware of the benefits of customized sleep solutions, manufacturers are stepping up their offerings of dual comfort sleep sets. Dual comfort mattresses enable both sleep partners to sleep on a mattress ideally suited for them. With this we have highlighted some manufacturers who have embraced the trend and created innovative dual comfort mattress.

Comfortaire Dual Comfort MattressComfortaire

With innovative product designs centered around its Dynamic Support System, Comfortaire allows sleepers to control their sleep postures through adjusting the thin layer of air close to the surface of the mattress. Adjusting to each individual’s needs, the pressure free support reduces stress on the skeletal system under the hips for the most natural sleep positions.



Enso Dual Comfort MattressEnso

As seen at High Point Market, the Enso Accord mattress has dual cores, one soft and one firm, for two sleepers to choose the side that best fits their comfort needs. This value pricing offers retailers a unique story behind the Enso mattress.




E.S. Kluft Dual Comfort Mattress A 3 SeriesE.S. Kluft

The ComfortTop mattress comes with a choice of a three separate firmnesses, offering the retailer and consumer a range of comfort feels using the same base. Featuring a reversible pad with a Talalay latex core, lined on one side with organic cotton and New Zealand Joma wool on the other, the topper allows for both cooler and warmer sleep surfaces. The middle core is comprised of either all-foam construction or heat-treated individually wrapped springs, natural latex, visco, and other foam layers. This custom mattress enables the consumer to return or exchange certain parts—the top or one side—without returning the entire sleep set.

Kingsdown Sleep To Live Dual Comfort MattressKingsdown

Kingsdown’s Sleep to Live mattresses feature two individual sleep zones and four distinct postural support structures. Each sleep zone is personalized through bedMATCH technology, a diagnostic system using 18 statistical measurements and over 1,000 calculations to assist the consumer in determining the best products for their body type.



Magniflex Dual Comfort Mattress



The dual core design of the Magniflex Duoform mattress allows a couple to fully customize their sleep experience. The innovative breathable fabric cover is simply zipped off and the two single cores of the mattress can be flipped to either “soft” or “firm” feels.



Organic Mattresses Dual Comfort MattressOrganic Mattresses, Inc (OMI)

With 18 customized sleep zones and a separate three and a half inch sculpted comfort layer, the OrganicPedic®81 creates a fully customizable experience. The sculpted surface offers pressure-point relief and increases air circulation to further enhance the feel. Each individual latex sleep zone is covered in organic cotton knit and embroidered to identify the comfort option it provides.

Pure LatexBLISS 3.0 Hybrid Dual Comfort MattressPure Talalay BLISS

Unlike mattress manufacturers that offer comfort feels from the top down, Pure Talalay BLISS creates different sleep options from the bottom up. The company finds that their mattresses are often sold with split bases—one latex and one regular—to customize couples’ differing support and firmness needs. Through the company’s Custom Fit For You sales campaign, consumers can try the same mattress on both bases to determine which works best for their sleep solution.


Reverie Dream Dual Comfort MattressReverie

Reverie's Dream Mattress is a made-to-order natural rubber mattress with patented cylinder technology built to meet the sleeping needs of each side of the bed. Ranging from very soft to firm the four cylinder types allow for unique combinations that consumers can change based on sleeping needs or preference changes. The mattress can be reconfigured to adjust firmness levels by simply unzipping the top of the mattress and reconfiguring the cylinders.


Vispring Dual Comfort MattressVispring

Just like every Vispring mattress, the new Masterpiece Superb can be customized with two distinct comfort feels allowing sleep partners to specify the feel of their choice. The new Vispring Masterpiece Superb features three layers of superbly responsive Vispring nested springs layered to create the ultimate in comfort. The 4,400 coil mattress system incorporates the finest in luxury materials including Shetland Isle Wool and and horsehair from the tail of Moosburger long strand horses. Vispring’s North American Director, Terence Bachor, says: “This mattress is nothing but spectacular in everyway.”


YuMe Dual Comfort MattressYuMe

The YuMe Climate Control Mattress uses innovative technology to condition surrounding air and transfer it directly to the mattress and to the specific air temperature the sleep has previously set. With personalized temperature settings and a venting system within the mattress, both sides have individual settings to allow for more preference choices.