Summer 2017 Editors’ Picks

1. HomTex

HomTexWhen a blanket is too much and a sheet is not quite enough, HomTex’s new DreamFit Degree 6 quilted ensemble is the perfect answer. Made from Micro Tencel and Supima, the bacteria- and allergen-resistant sheet ensemble delivers valuable comfort benefits. The temperature regulating Micro Tencel moves and releases excess moisture to create a dry sleeping environment that feels softer than silk, while the American grown Supima cotton ensures the fabric is both comfortable and durable. The Degree 6’s patented design consists of a fitted sheet, a quilted top sheet and two pillow shams that are quilted on one side for fashion and flat on the other for function.



2. Fashion Bed Group

Fashion Bed GroupFollowing a widely acclaimed industry launch, the Fashion Kids Collection by Fashion Bed Group is now in stock and ready to distribute. This series of imaginative youth-focused designs includes a dozen bed styles in the latest juvenile design trends, including upholstered headboards, multi-functional storage beds and sleek metal beds. Available in a variety of eye-catching color options, the line-up ranges in retail price from $149 for headboard only to $699 for a conveniently coordinated ensemble with two upholstered nightstands. Additionally, the majority of the offerings are duo-panel pieces—making them inventory friendly and easy to merchandise.



3. Reverie

ReverieFor retailers looking for new ways to introduce their customers to power bases, Reverie’s 1M Foundation is an approachable option at an entry-level price point. This flat foundation is equipped with a host of high-tech features that can be found in the company’s more advanced adjustable bases, including Bluetooth connectivity, under-bed lighting and full body massage. With dual frequency massage motors and 10 intensity levels, the base delivers a relaxing experience that improves circulation and enhances sleep quality. Powered by a wireless remote and touting upholstered gray styling, the 1M Foundation will fit seamlessly into any bedroom setting—making it a valuable upgrade for any consumers who are new to the power base category.


4. REM-Fit

REM-Fit; ZEEQFrom its unique beginnings on Kickstarter to its fast-tracking success in the bedding world, REM-Fit’s ZEEQ pillow is redefining what pillows can be. In addition to the ever-popular ability to track sleep metrics like motion and snoring volume, and analyze data like diet and exercise that influence sleep patterns, ZEEQ also provides wireless music from a sleeper’s preferred source to assist with sleep induction. Merging state-of-the-art technology like a sleep timer, smart alarm and snore-alert vibration with luxurious comfort, REM-Fit’s ZEEQ goes above and beyond simple pillow status.



5. Tyler Net

TylerNetBased on decades of experience, TylerNet’s Smartwerks has epitomized the very idea of what a cloud based POS system should be. Created to complete sales faster and with fewer errors, Smartwerks offers enormous flexibility allowing retailers to go mobile, accept multiple forms of payment, reserve items and process more than just carryout sales. But Smartwerks isn’t just a POS system; it provides a comprehensive collection of analytical tools, and also aids retailers in tracking inventory, customers and employees—giving business owners the opportunity to make smarter business decisions while also creating better relationships.


6. Classic Brands

Classic BrandsLong believed to be the highest quality latex option for mattresses and other sleep products, Talalay latex has generally been out of reach price-wise for those on a budget. Not so anymore with the introduction of Classic Brands' competitively priced, three-bed Urban Loft Balance Collection. By using strategic, globally sourced Talalay latex and bulk purchasing, the company is able to offer a premium material at a more promotional price point, giving retailers the opportunity to better compete with both high-end businesses selling latex mattresses, as well as online retailers peddling a lower-quality product.


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