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Kids Mattresses And Bedding Products Net Big Returns

Today’s burgeoning youth bedding market looks vastly different from the limited selection of years past. Historically, manufacturers focused on affordability over performance, giving little consideration to the specific needs of growing children. Bedding producers today have discovered that, with the wealth of new data about the health benefits of...
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Unpacking the Importance of Good Packaging

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is this old adage truer than at retail. In a sea of seemingly similar products, successful manufacturers are faced with the difficult task of catching a consumer’s eye, engaging their interest and clearly communicating the benefits of a...
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Bed Bases: The Foundation of Quality Sleep

As the health benefits of good sleep become more publicized, consumers are increasingly more discerning about the mattresses they select. But just as essential as the mattress is, so too is what goes beneath it. Beyond simply holding up a mattress, bed bases now come in a multitude of...
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Manufacturers Level the Boxed Bed Playing Field

As the bedding landscape continues to shift and evolve, retailers have had to become ever more nimble with how they respond to consumer needs. The increasing popularity of direct-to-consumer mattress brands has prompted many manufacturers to begin offering their own versions of boxed...
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