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Ergomotion Enhances Sales Training With Audio, Video ‘Dreamtech Radio’ Series

Beefing up its retail sales training materials, sleep technology specialist, Ergomotion, is launching a series of podcasts and videos highlighting the adjustable bed sales process for retail sales associates. Part of Ergomotion’s larger multimedia informational and educational initiative on adjustable bases called DreamTech Radio, the series also includes YouTube videos, a dedicated Facebook group and...
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Aizome Bedding Launches Organic Products Using Japanese Indigo Dyeing Techniques

Inspired to bring the powerful benefits of traditional Japanese indigo-dyed fabrics into the modern age, a new company, Aizome Bedding, is introducing an organic bed linen line that combines old techniques with a new, modern approach to deliver a healthier sleep. The company’s products are environmentally friendly and are produced without using toxic chemical dyes that...
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Reconsidering The Mattress Topper

This article originally appeared in Sleep Retailer eNews on February 22, 2018
As the online bed-in-a-box market has grown increasingly crowded in recent years, it was only a matter of time before a backlash emerged. Positioning itself as a “disruptor of the disruptors,” Kloudes is a new type of bedding start-up that specializes exclusively...
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