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The Pillow Bar Offers Custom, Private-Label Pillow Programs

Offering “luxury with purpose,” The Pillow Bar creates custom pillows in all shapes and sizes to meet the unique sleep needs of every consumer.

With the understanding that custom designs add a personal touch, The Pillow Bar partnered with several small mattress retailers to develop custom-embroidered, private-label pillow collections in down...

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Malouf: A Detail-Oriented Partner Offering Comprehensive Solutions

It all started with a shopping trip. When Sam and Kacie Malouf started their search for new bed sheets over fifteen years ago, they were unaware that the pursuit would lead them to start a business of their own. But as they hunted for quality sheets within their budget, they came up empty. This...

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PureCare Launches Top-Of-Bed Program In China

PureCare has teamed up with Manwah Holdings Limited to unveil the joint launch a top-of-bed program in 520 retail stores located throughout China. The roll-out of the program includes 400 of Manwah’s “Cheers Five Star” bedding specialty stores and 120 “Cheers Adjustables” specialty stores. As part of the agreement, these stores...

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