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LOGICDATA Introduces Groundbreaking Adjustable Base

With the launch of its SILVER Series of functional adjustable bases/bedframes, LOGICDATA is reinventing adjustable bed technology through innovation, functionality and design. The company engineered the new SILVER Series frame with its all-new, nationally recognized* ELEmatic System, a revolutionary design hiding the technology responsible for adjusting the frame within a clean and flawless design. Compared...
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SHEEX Prepares To Wow At Las Vegas Market

SHEEX has quite a few new offerings slated for the Winter Las Vegas Market. Anchored by new mattress and pillow protectors, pillows and sleepwear, there will be product additions to the home bedding lineup including a variety of sheets featuring Sleep•Fit or CoolX Technology, comforters, and four new hybrid mattresses. New entries...
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Southerland Unveils Copper-Infused Ionic Sleep System

Looking to capture a larger segment of the sleep accessories business, Southerland is unveiling the Ionic Sleep System at the Winter Las Vegas Market. This new line features pillows, mattress protectors and sheets that are infused with copper ions, offering benefits ranging from odor control to improved hygiene and overall...

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WI18 - PureCare Pop Up